Growing up has never been easy, and the youth of today are faced with new sets of challenges that many parents never faced while growing up. Let’s make your child’s smile one less challenge they have to worry about. At Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics we work with young patients of all ages, from a child going to their first dental appointment to a teenager who will soon be leaving for college, helping each young patient to create healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

As our dentist and team work with children through these various life stages, we aim to make their transition to adulthood as smooth as possible. All of the dental services mentioned on this site are available to our teenage patients, however, we feel it pertinent to address some topics that are unique to teenagers. If you are the parent of a teenager, we recommend that you read through the following pages to learn more about how certain acts can impact your child’s smile.

Learn more about some of these teen health related topics here:

If you have any questions about adolescent dentistry in Huntington Beach, California, call our office at 714-848-0234. Dr. Rita Daghlian will gladly talk to you about your concerns and will offer suggestions on how we can improve your child’s oral and overall health. Let’s work together to keep our children healthy and happy for life.