Our dentist and orthodontist are always on-call, so we can provide our patients with 24-hour emergency orthodontic care in Huntington Beach, California. Call Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics at 714-848-0234 if you experience an emergency that requires assistance.

Loose Brackets or Bands

If you have a loose bracket, band or wire, it is important that you call your office as soon as possible. In some cases, our team will have to refit the bracket. In the event that you need to cut a wire for an emergency, our orthodontist recommends using fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol to cut the wire.

Poking Wires and Irritations

A poking wire can be frustrating to deal with. If it is irritating your cheeks or gums, you can gently move it with a cotton swab or eraser. In the event that you cannot move the wire, we recommend covering the end of the wire with a piece of cotton or wax to relieve irritation.

Lost Separator

If you require separators during your treatment, but lose the separator, please call our office to determine if it needs to be replaced.


It is normal to experience some mild discomfort and soreness while wearing braces- especially during the first week and after an adjustment. If you are sore, you may take a non-aspirin pain reliever or warm pad to reduce soreness and stiffness in the jaw.

If you experience an emergency, please call our office. Dr. Paul Sokolowski will help you get relief as soon as possible.